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Artists & Tours

Long Tall Jefferson

Folk – Singer/Songswriter

PressPic3 (Photo_ErikFischer)

Long Tall Jefferson – Guitar, Vocals

Current Album: „Golden Ticket“ (15.9.17)
New Album: September 2018 (tba) // Tour with Band

Fatima Dunn

One Woman Orchestra


Fatima Dunn – Vocals, Cello, Loopstation

Latest release on TOURBOmusic „Birds and Bones“ 23rd of March 2018.


Folk – Mundart – Pop


Latest release „Labor 1: „Ame sichere Ort“ (16.2.2018 / TOURBOmusic)

Trummer & Nadja Stoller singen Maria Lauber
Trummer – vocals, guitar
Nadja Stoller – vocals, accordeon

Trummer Solo
Trummer – vocals, guitar

Latest Release on TOURBOmusic: /

The Dead Brothers



Alain Croubalian – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Matthias Lincke – Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Dide Marfurt – Strings,Harmonium, Percussion
Resli Burli – Harmonium, Strings, Percussion
Leon Schätti – Tuba

„The greatest and strangest funeral combo of the world.“

Reto Burrell


RETO_2016_0146 Kopie

Latest release „Shampoo or Gasoline“ 6th of April 2018
„A & B Sides“ (17.2.17/TOURBOmusic)

Last Release on TOURBOmusic: /

musique en route

Volksmusik – Balkan – Traditional

musique en route MAMINKA quadrat Wiese by Tabea Hüberli

Ronny Spiegel – Violin, Vocals
Tom Tafel – Accordeon, Percussion, Vocals
Ariel Facundo Rossi – Guitar, Vocals
Stefanie Hess – Double Bass, Vocals

Last release on TOURBOmusic: /


Trip-Hop – Ambient – Indie – Soundtrack


Larissa Bretscher – Vocals, Electronics
Nicolas Stocker – Drums, Percussion, Electronics
Christian Wyss – Piano, Guitar, Electronics, Vocals

Last release on TOURBOmusic: Spotify /
Video „In my head
Video „restless

David Hope (IE)

Folk – Americana – Blues

David Hope

David Hope – Guitar, Vocals

On Tour December 3rd to December 10th in Switzerland: see

Last release on TOURBOmusic: /

Mark Geary (IE)

Indie-Folk / Singer-songwriter

Mark Geary_ Promo_small Website

Mark Geary vocals/guitar
Current Single “Battle of Troy
Last release on TOURBOmusic & SonaBlast „The Fool“: /

Marc O'Reilly (IE)

Folk / Blues / Rock

Marc O'Reilly Press Shot_preview

Available: Festivals 2018 + on request
Current Album: „Human Herdings“ (18.3.16)
New Album Spring 2018! You can listen to the first single here: Enemy Of

With gritty sonic depth, Irish songwriter Marc O’Reilly attacks his muse with a bipolar verve that swings from reflection to sheer riotous joy. Backed by the tightest band in Christendom, rare and beautiful songs slam into wild blues fragments and effortlessly back to clean vocal harmonies

Moes Anthill

Americana – Folk – Indie

Moes Anthill Everybody gets a balloon Official

Moes Anthill String Quartet:

Mario Schelbert – Stimme, Banjo, Gitarre
Marc Jaussi – Trompete
Gabriel Miranda – Violine
David Schnee – Viola
Severin Suter – Cello

Moes Anthill:

Mario Moe Schelbert – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Simone Baumann – Piano, Vocals
Michael Boner – Slide, Guitar, Vocals
Flurin Lanfranconi – Double Bass, Vocals
Clemens Kuratle – Drums, Vocals

Last Release on TOURBOmusic: /

Europa: Neue Leichtigkeit

Kitsch Schlager

Europa Neue Leichtigkeit Press 2

EUROPA heisst die Band der Neuen Leichtigkeit.
EUROPA is the band of New Ease.
EUROPA est le band du Nouveau Libertinage.

Pathos/Kitsch & Schlager


Last Release on TOURBOmusic:


Performance – Pop

Eclecta high res 3 small

Marena Whitcher – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Andrina Bollinger – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Percussion

Last releases on TOURBOmusic:

Bronagh Gallagher (IE)

Soul Blues Pop

bronagh gallagher

Available: Fri.9.2.2018
Currrent Album: „Gather your Greatness“ (2016)

Singer and actress Bronagh Gallagher shot to fame when she was 19 years old in the award winning film ‚„The Commitments“. Roles in „Pulp Fiction“ and „Star Wars“ followed. Fitting her musical career around her work in theatre, tv and film, Bronagh has released 3 albums, the latest ‘Gather your Greatness’ releases last year

Pigeons On The Gate



Welcome to the TOURBOmusic Family!

New release: Chasing Suns 5th of October 2018


Neue Schweizer Volksmusik

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-11 um 14.42.25

Markus Flückiger – Schwyzerörgeli
Andreas Gabriel – Geige
Pirmin Huber – Kontrabass


Marena Whitcher´s Shady Midnight Orchestra

Ghost Jazz

Photo by Brigitte Fässler

Marena Whitcher – Composition, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Glass Harp

Available: on request
Current Album „Ghostology“ (24.7.2016/Prolog Records)


Future Art Pop



KIU – Vocals, Drums
IKARU – Drums, Vocals

Current Album: „JPTR“ (7.4.2017)

Celtic Carrousel

Celtic Carrousel brings some of Ireland and Scotland most authentic and outstanding trad & folk bands to Switzerland.



12.03.18 Theater Winkelwiese, Zürich
14.03.18 Rebhüsli, Grüningen
15.03.18 Schüür, Luzern
16.03.18 Werkstatt, Chur
17.03.18 Osteria La Fabbrica, Locarno
18.03.18 Café Marta, Bern

24.05.18 Kulturkoller, Winterthur
25.05.18 Schlosshof, Grüningen
26.05.18 Parterre One, Basel

06.- 09.09.18 TBA

27.-30.10.18 TBA
01.11.18 Musig i de Beiz, Stäfa
more dates TBA

21.11.18 – 25.11.18 TBA

No Crows (IE/CH/ESP/RUS)

Worldmusic, Irish-Trad


Current Album: „Why Us? (December 2016)

William The Conqueror (UK)

Americana Rock Blues credit - Adam Barnes

Current Album: “Proud Disturber of the Peace“ (4.8.2017): Soundcloud:

The Bonny Men (IE) - Celtic Carrousel

Irish Trad Folk


Available: see celtic carrousel section

Young, hot and electrifying Irish band. They convince with a explosive sound, but still reflects the soul of traditional irish music

The Young Folk (IE)

Folk Indie



Current Album: „First sign of morning“ (25.2.16)

Hazmat Modine (USA)

Blues Gypsy

Hazmat Modine
New Album: March 2018

What swirls and dances, howls and laughs, grows out of the roots of Blues, Country, Klezmer, Jazz, Rockn’Roll, from Balkan Beats, Calypso and african music

Huun Huur Tu (Tuva)

Traditional throat singing (Obertongesang) / World


From the independent republic of Tuva, bordering Mongolia, Huun Huur Tu performs an ear-twisting vocal technique called khöömei. In this style, a single vocalist produces two or three notes simultaneously, often a low drone along with a high-pitched whistle. Accompanied by traditional string and percussion instruments, the four-member ensemble sings rhythmic songs that capture the magic of the Siberian steppe.

Sharon Shannon (IE)

Irish Traditional / World


Available: November 2018
Current Album: „Sacred Earth“ (3.3.17)
Sharon Shannon is a musician who likes to surprise. While she is known for her arrangements of traditional Irish tunes and Irish-influenced compositions, she has always been eager to explore new styles, and to meet and work with other musicians. There are Irish influences here, of course, but these are cheerfully mixed in with often unexpected styles from around the world, including Africa.

Socks In The Frying Pan (IE) - Celtic Carrousel

Irish Traditional / Folk


Available: see celtic carrousel section

Tour management & production management

TOURBOmusic offers tour management and production management for all kind of events.

Artists we work(ed) with as touring managers or production managers:

Klischée, Silberbüx, musique en route, Delinquent Habits and many more


TOURBOmusic is a production management and consulting agency, specialising in folk, traditional and experimental musical genres.

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